Welcome to Charlotte Players

Oldest and Proudest Community Theatre in Charlotte County and Florida

The Charlotte Players are extremely proud to be one of the oldest performing arts organizations in both Charlotte County and the State of Florida as a collective whole. Our organization has continually grown and evolved since our origins as a solo acting Class that began back in 1961 at the “Charlotte U”, an educational institute that was located in what currently is a part of the Cultural Center of Charlotte County.

The Charlotte County Imagination Library was launched in 2011 by local salon business owner Shawn Smith of Hair By Shawn & Co. Growing up in Tennessee Shawn had seen firsthand what a difference the gift of literacy could mean for the children of a community.

The Charlotte Players originally created the Kids on Stage program as a way to continue to bring the performing arts to our areas school children, amidst budget cuts to school programs.

The Langdon Playhouse, named after long time Charlotte Players benefactor Helen Langdon, is located inside of the Charlotte Players Community Theater Center at the physical street address of 1182 Market Circle, Port Charlotte FL 33953 and has been operating since it’s inception in 2011.