Audition Announcement – 13th & 14th October

We at Charlotte Players are happy to announce a new production for the Holiday Season: “Christmas Through the Ages”. It is our hope and desire to continue this production for many years to come and start a new tradition.

The program starts with Jingle Bells and takes you on a journey from Pre-Christian Rome all the way up to, and including, a Medley of the Top 25 Christmas Songs done in 5 minutes (NO Stop Watches Please!).

There are 37 Vignettes (Scenes), so something for everyone.

 We are looking for:

  • Males (18 and older) – 33 (4 non singing)
  • Female  (18 and older) – 33 (4 non singing)
  • Children  – 24 (3 non singing)

There’s no need to take time away from family & no need for Children Sitters; bring them along and make it a ‘family affair’ in a delightful show, “Christmas Through the Ages”.

To audition:

Come prepared with a Christmas song of your choice showing off your abilities as a singer. And for all you ‘non-dancers’, no worries, there’s NO DANCING REQUIRED.

Come expecting a good time and you will not be disappointed, and you’ll be helping the Charlotte Players too!

Christmas Through the Ages – auditions 13th & 14th October

Artistic Director- Herb Berry

Music/Vocal Director-Jaclyn Cushman

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